Diverse Education Scholarship


This scholarship seeks to promote multidisciplinary education and is available to students who have an undergraduate degree from a different major than their graduate program of study. For example, an engineering or science undergraduate degree and a graduate business degree, but applicants are not limited to this combination. This scholarship supports the creation of a campus-wide graduate community that embraces all colleges and majors.


  1. Academic Qualifications: You must either be making progress toward a Master's degree or have been accepted to a Master's program at Cal Poly and have satisfied all criteria for admission. The minimum GPA (undergraduate cumulative) for eligibility is 3.50. As a scholarship recipient, you will be required to engage in full-time studies toward your degree, which means you must enroll in a minimum of eight units per quarter.
  2. Residency: There is no residency requirement for this scholarship.
  3. Amount of Scholarship & Duration: The scholarship will be awarded each Fall Quarter for that academic year and provides an award of $1,900.

Application Instructions

Applications for this scholarship should be submitted online. Applications are due by October 1st of each Fall Quarter. Award decisions will be announced via email no later than November 1st.

Graduate Student Application for Financial Support

Questions may be addressed to the Graduate Education Office or call (805) 756-2328.

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